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Kitchen warranty

Kitchen Warranty

Warranty conditions for KUMA kitchen sinks and countertops:

  • Warranty term for KUMA kitchen countertops with/without continuous cast sink: 2 years from the date of invoicing the product / products, according to the fulfilment of the instructions for use received in the box / boxes of the product / products.

The deliveries of the KUMA products are Ex Works – at the factory gate (Banesti locality – code 107050 – Prahova county); the buyer will bear all the costs and risks involved in transporting the goods.

If you choose to send the goods by courier, the company KUMA is not responsible for the way in which it is transported and the possible deterioration of the product upon delivery.

Please check if you received the product intact. If you find any manufacturing defects, please contact us immediately.

  • The warranty period starts from the date of billing the product;
  • Within the term of guarantee, the free repair of defects appeared and claimed by the buyer or the replacement of the product with a similar one is ensured;
  • In the case of requests for repairs during the warranty period, the buyer will have to present the product accompanied by the guarantee certificate and the invoice / receipt to the unit / dealer from which he purchased the product, which will take care of sending the product to KUMA Romania;
  • In the case of repairing the product, the duration of the warranty term is extended by the time elapsed from the date on which the buyer complained about deficiencies to the product and until the date of repairing the defect;
  • The buyer has the obligation to comply with the installation / use / maintenance instructions;
  • The warranty refers to defects arising from possible hidden defects / impossible to detect at the time of sale and does not extend to the damaged parts that may suffer damage from transport / defective handling / defective maintenance.

Loss of warranty

Failure to present the invoice / receipt / tax receipt together with the guarantee certificate;

Failure by the buyer to the conditions of transport, handling, storage, installation, maintenance specified in the guarantee certificate;

Entrusting the product to be remedied by other companies / persons not recognized by Kuma Romania;

Installation of the product by unskilled / unauthorized persons;

Any mistake of installation / maintenance cannot be imputed and it is not the responsibility of the company KUMA Romania. In case you have any clarifications regarding the installation, fixing, maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

D.O.P. – instructions for use – warranty certificate for kitchen countertops KUMA

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