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Maintenance of KUMA products

Maintenance of KUMA products

We recommend that the maintenance of Kuma bathroom washbasins and kitchen countertops to be done with KUMA CLEAN, KUMA LIME, KUMA SEAL and KUMA SUPERSCRUB maintenance products.

If you do not purchase the KUMA MAINTENANCE KIT (KUMA CARE KIT) then the maintenance of Kuma kitchen sinks and countertops is done only with non-abrasive substances and according to the instructions for use received when purchasing the product.



KUMA products can be maintained with any normal, liquid cleaning agent, but never use substances that contain abrasive granules or abrasive sponges. Do not rub with acetone or acid solutions. We recommend for cleaning the KUMA CLEAN product.

To stay with the same gloss / shine on the surface of the washbasin, we recommend that you periodically use the KUMA LIME product that can be purchased from our online store.

You can find the instructions for use both in the box of the purchased product and attached to the invoice received when purchasing the product (s).

For the maintenance of Kuma products, we recommend using dedicated products that can be purchased from our online store www.lavoare-online.ro

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