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Mounting, installation and fixing

Fixing / mounting / installing KUMA washbasins and kitchen countertops

  • Fixing / mounting / installing bathroom washbasins and kitchen countertops made by Kuma is a simpler operation than assembling products that are not cast in one piece. Of course, the difficulty of the operation increases in direct proportion to the dimensions.
  • There is no need for mechanical fixing of kitchen sinks and countertops on furniture or consoles.
  • The high weight of these products and the use of universal transparent silicone or other soldering solution helps to fix efficiently on the chosen substrate.
  • The simplicity and ease of mounting are a direct result of cast from one piece – basin/sink in continuous surface with the countertop, an important advantage of Kuma products.
  • We have the possibility to execute the ordered product to the measured / ordered size.
  • When mounting / installing / fixing the product, you only have to remove it from the package / box in which it was delivered and mount it / sit / fix it on the console or on the mask / furniture.
  • There is no need for a Kuma team to be sent to you for mounting the product.
  • We provide the service of gluing together countertops and mounting / fixing / installing washbasins for projects, on request for a fee through our SERVICE team.

We recommend that the fixing / mounting / installation of the washbasins be done by authorized personnel (preferably installers).

For efficient fixing solutions of Kuma products on plaster walls, please contact our technical support to choose the optimal solution adapted to your requirements.

We provide the service of attaching countertops, mounting / fixing / installing washers for projects, on request at a cost through our SERVICE team.

For price quotation, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or using the contact form.

We recommend fixing / installing the washbasins on the mask, according to the KUMA concept.

Between the wall and washbasin and between washbasin and cabinet apply a thin layer of transparent silicone (or only few points of silicone)
for a better fixing.

KUMA products can be fixed on standardized consoles/brackets sold by KUMA or supports specially designed and executed by authorized companies after prior consultation with our technical service.

We are not responsible if our products are installed on other consoles that are not tested and suitable for heavy loads.

If you fix the washbasin on consoles/brackets, , please pay attention to mount the brackets left and right of the basin / bowl (as close to it / them) and also in the exterior sides(extremities of the washbasin)

The number of brackets is determined based on the length of the washbasin, the weight and the number of basins cast on.

We recommend that taps and siphon to be installed by authorized installers.

Taps hole and the evacuation/outlet are standardized.

If you don’t want the tap hole , please specify this detail in the order form.

Tap hole has a diameter of 35 mm.

The outlet of the washbasin is 1 1/4″.

The outlet of the kitchen sinks is 3.5″.

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